Location, Location, Location

Your location is the single most important piece of information when you need help. When there’s no time to speak with someone, Emergency Services may try to locate you with GPS or triangulate your position from your cell phone, but if you’re inside, these technologies can often fail. We can do better.

Indoor Location Modelling

Location Modelling1 combines street address information with GPS coordinates to accurately locate you, even inside.

Here’s how it works: If you are a Real Estate Agent and visit a lot of locations, you can use our MLS based Browser Addon to easily send us property addresses of locations you may visit. If you are not a Realtor, you can enter the locations you frequently visit in your account profile. Our software plots these locations and sets up a User Location Map. Find out how we build a User Location Map.

city map with five home icons as placemarkers












When you turn on location tracking in your mobile app, it periodically transmits your location to our servers. This process sets up a breadcrumb trail, which is much more reliable than attempting to get a single GPS lock on your location at the moment you really need help.

the same map as above, now with an example of Endrelia's location modeling












When you activate the Watchdog One for assistance, our systems combine your User Location Map with your GPS breadcrumb trail. If the GPS doesn’t locate you accurately, perhaps because you’re indoors, the breadcrumb trail can lead us to your last known location. Your User Location Map further narrows down your location to an exact address, including suite numbers.

Outdoor Location Tracking

Whether you’re walking, biking, or driving, we’ve got you covered with GPS tracking. GPS is the de-facto standard for outdoor location tracking. When you turn on Location Tracking, you’ll see a Endrelia Logo Icon icon on your smartphone turn green, indicating that the GPS has located you accurately, and that your location has been transmitted to our Security Response Centre.












While the Watchdog One is on, your location is periodically transmitted, depending on how fast you move. If you’re driving, your location is transmitted more frequently than if you’re walking or spending time at home. These periodic transmissions establish a breadcrumb trail of your past locations, which makes you much easier to locate reliably at the moment you need help.



an icon of a globe with a lock next to itYour privacy is important to us, and your location will only be tracked when the Watchdog One is turned on. We Promise.
1. Location Modelling Patents Pending. Location Modelling is also a trademark of Endrelia Technologies Inc.