Works With Your Cell Phone

The Watchdog One communicates using a wireless handsfree connection with your cell phone. When you turn on the Watchdog One device, it automatically connects to your phone and you are ready to go. If an emergency arises, and you activate the Watchdog One, a call is established through your cell phone to our 24/7 Security Response Center.

iPhone Handsfree Link

The Watchdog One works seamlessly while your iPhone is connected to other Bluetooth handsfree devices. When you activate the Watchdog One during an emergency, it will override your other handsfree unit.

Blackberry Handsfree Link

When using the Watchdog One with Blackberry,  other Bluetooth handsfree devices have to be turned off. When security is not required, you can turn the Watchdog One off and use your Bluetooth handsfree devices as needed.

Outgoing Caller-id

Outgoing caller-id must to be enabled in order to use the Watchdog One monitoring service. This is enabled by default on most phones.

Mobile Customers

A smart phone, with a voice/data plan is required for customers who require mobile tracking. Watchdog One presently supports iPhone 4 and above, and Blackberry OS 5, 6, and 7.  Support for Android will be added in the near future.

Fixed Location Customers

Customers who require monitoring within a fixed location do not need a data plan for GPS tracking. They can use most Bluetooth enabled phones to connect with the Watchdog One device.