Royal LePage Exclusive Offer

Endrelia and Royal LePage have been working together for a few years to develop and test the Watchdog One. We are pleased to offer the Watchdog One to Royal LePage Realtors exclusively for a limited time.

The Watchdog One is designed to be used as you conduct open houses and meet new clients. Once activated, our Security Response Team can hear you, locate you, and contact emergency services on your behalf.

The Watchdog One is monitored by our highly trained Security Response Centre 24/7. We offer three plans for the monitoring service. The Watchdog One device maybe purchased separately, or it can be included with the Watchdog One On Tab plan below.


Our Plans Annual

$180/yr ($15/mth)



Watchdog One on Tab*


24/7 Security
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Enhanced Location
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Canada Wide
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Email/Phone Support tick_mark tick_mark tick_mark
Watchdog One
Device included*

*Would you like to pay for the Watchdog One device on a monthly plan instead of buying it up front? Then the Watchdog One On Tab is for you. Sign up for the service with Watchdog One On Tab plan, and $10/month will be applied towards the purchase of a device. After 18 months, your device will be paid off. If you wish to cancel your subscription sooner, simply pay off the remaining payments on the Watchdog One device.