We’ve Got You Covered

Keyfox device with keys on keyringThe Watchdog One is a complete personal security system that works with your mobile phone. It is designed to get you help when you don’t have the opportunity to make a phone call. Once activated, our Security Response Team can hear you, locate you, and contact emergency services on your behalf.
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Designed to look like a common gadget, the Watchdog One doesn’t attract attention. It can be carried or worn in different fashions to accommodate personal style, and to allow for quick and easy access. The Watchdog One can be activated discretely, without anyone even knowing you have it.
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Location Tracking, Even Indoors

The GPS tracking and cellular triangulation technologies can sometimes fail, especially if you’re indoors. Endrelia’s unique Location Modelling System can track you wherever you are, even inside a high-rise building.
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Security Response Center

A dedicated ULC-approved Security Response Centre answers all your emergency calls. Our team has undergone extensive training to quickly and effectively handle personal safety alarms. When your call comes in, they know who you are, where you’re located, and can hear everything that’s happening around you.
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Verified Alarms

When our Security Response Team connects with Police Services, they’re communicating a Verified Alarm, which means your call will be treated as high priority.
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Canada-Wide Coverage

The Watchdog One works anywhere in Canada where your cell phone has coverage. To ensure fast routing, we have mapped all Public Safety Access Points (911 Centers) and the areas they service across Canada. Once your call comes in, we immediately know the Police Dispatch Center best suited to respond to your call.